Gone but not forgotten


This is the page for those who are no longer with us, but are never far from our hearts.

 Jo & Fizz  (Tupilak's Salty x Tupilak's Nagging Susan)


Miss Jones - 18/08/00 - 30/12/13



 Fizz Bomb 18/08/00 - 07/01/14



Bother and sister, Fizz and Jo joined our family in May 2008.  Jo immediately became our house dog, whilst Fizz enjoyed being out in the kennel with the girls.

Fizz was Rogers lead dog for his teams be this the 4 dog or 6 dog.  Unfortunately FIzz did have a bad habit, and that was he loved to take the team over to say hello to people and dogs on the trail. 

Jo on the other hand retired herself from running.  She much preferred to be on the sofa dog.

Not a day goes by where these two are not thought of.  They are missed so much.  

Rest in peace both