This page records some of our rally results.  Over the years we have enjoyed training much more than races, but like to keep a note of what we do.

Rally season 2012/13

 Well, it seems its the same old story for us, only a few races entered this season.  So here are the results for the ones we have competed in.


 Musher Event Class Result Dogs Ran
 Roger ABSA Forest of Dean B 3rd Rogue, Queenie, Misty, Thor, Doyle & Flo
 Lou ABSA Forest of Dean C 4th  Nina, Willow, Mishka & Scarlet
 RogerABSA Rondy by NightB 3/6 Rogue, Queenie,Misty, Thor, Doyle & Flo
 LouABSA Rondy by Night DS 7/10 Nina, Willow & Mishka



Rally season 2011/2012

Due to lack of training it is unlikely that we will be attending any rallies.  We will enjoy our training sessions, and will look forward to 2012/2013, when we will be bringing on the 3 new additions to our pack. 

Rally Results 2010/2011


 Musher Event Class Result Dogs Ran
 Roger  Ashley Heath C 5th Flo, Nina, Mishka & Misty
 Lou  Ashley Heath  ES 3rd  Rogue & Willow
 Roger Hero Quest  C 6th  Flo, Nina, Mishka & Misty
 Lou  Hero Quest  ES 6th  Rogue & WIlow


Rally Results 2009/2010

 Musher Event  Class Result Dogs ran
 Roger Brandon Open  B 15th  Fizz, Misty, Mishka, Blaze & Izzy
 Lou  Brandon Open  C 8th  Nina, Willow, Rogue & Flo
 Lou Brandon Open E 10th Jack, Sophie & Bandit
 Roger ABSA Sherwood B 5th  Fizz, Misty, Mishka, Blaze, Izzy & Cinnie
 Lou ABSA Sherwood C 9th  Nina, Willow, Rogue & Flo
 Roger SHCGB - Aviemore B 11th  Fizz, Ash, Cinnie,Izzy, Mishka & Misty
 Lou Pembrey Open  C 3rd Nina, Flo, Rogue & Willow

Rally Season 2008/2009

Unfortunately due to Roger being in accident (not dog related) in October 08, we have only taken part in a couple of rallies during 08/09.

We attend Aviemore in January 09, where Roger had planned to run four and two dog.   However due to icey trails he scratched the four dog on both days and only ran the two dog on the Saturday.

Myself (Lou) ran my veterans (Charley, Bandit & Jo), on the Saturday but decided to scratch on day two.

We also took part in our own event "Pink Peaks", what a fantastic trail.  This year it was a one day event, and the weather was slightly different from last year - oh yes, the sunshine was out this year.  Lou came 1st with the Veterans - Sophie, Bandit and Jo.   Roger came 2nd with the 4 dog (Fizz, Misty, Mishka & Blaze) and with the two mallies (Mo & Logan) came 3rd.

Rally Results 2007/2008

 Musher Event Class Result Dogs Ran
 Roger ABSA New Forest  C 7/14 Charlie, Bandit, Mishka & Misty
 Roger ABSA New Forest  ES 3/19 Cossie & Ash
 Lou  ABSA New Forest  ES 14/19 Nina & Flo
 Roger Quantock Quest  C 6/11 Charlie, Bandit, Mishka & Misty
 Roger Quantock Quest  E 5/7 Spud, Harry & Jack
 Roger Quantock Quest  D 3/10 Cossi & Ash
 Lou  Quantock Quest  D 7/10 Nina & Flo
 Roger Wareham  C 8/12 Jack, Charlie, Mishka & Misty
 Lou   Wareham  DS 11/12 Bandit, Nina & Flo
 Roger Aviemore  C 18/39 Charlie, Bandit & Misty
 Lou  Aviemore E 20/49 Flo, Nina & Mishka
 Roger Pembrey  C 9/11 Charlie, Bandit, Misty & Mishka
 Lou  Pembrey  D 9/11 Nina & Flo
 Roger Ashley Heath  C 13/13 Blaze, Charlie, Mishka & Misty
 Lou Ashley Heath  DS 8/12 Flo, Bandit & Nina
 Roger Pink Peaks C 7/11 Mishka, Misty, Flo & Nina
 Roger Pink Peaks EF 1/14 Motoki & Logan
 Lou  Pink Peaks DV 1/1 Charlie & Smiler

Rally Results 2006/2007

 Musher Event Class Result Dogs Ran
 Roger New Forest  ES  7th Charlie & Bandit
 Lou  New Forest  DV 4th  Kayak, Bear & Frosty
 Roger Forest of Dean  ES 6/10 Charlie & Bandit
 Roger Pembrey  D2 4th  Motoki & Kodi
 Roger Ashley Heath  ES 3rd Charlie & Bandit
 Lou  Ashley Heath  DV 3rd Trooper, Bear & Kayak
 Roger Yateley  EF 9th Motoki & Logan
 Lou Yateley DV 5th  Trooper, Bear & Kayak
 Roger Drumlanrig 2 dog 6th  Charlie & Bandit

Rally Results 2005/2006

 Musher Event Class Result Dogs Ran
 Roger Aviemore D 7/46 Charlie & Bandit
 Lou  Aviemore D2 21/25 Motoki & Bear
 Roger Pembrey  D 4/13 Charlie & Bandit
 Lou Pembrey D 13/13 Motoki & Bear
 Roger Ashley  ES 1st  Charlie & Bandit
 Roger Yateley  ES 3/18 Charlie & Bandit
 Lou Yateley DS 17/17 Bear, Koshka & Anya